Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

We are focused on the impact of sustainability on our operations and investments
  • We have a strong commitment to corporate governance as a sign of quality leadership and investment management. Strong governance is required to ensure a company’s long- term financial sustainability
  • We are committed to the implementation of our ESG principles which we believe reflects our responsibility to our employees, shareholders, the communities in which our investment funds are used, and other stakeholders


We support and implement best practice ESG principles
  • We consider environmental impacts in investment decisions
  • We, and our investee companies, must comply with applicable labour laws
  • We, and our investee companies, must respect human rights in relation to investment decisions
  • We, and our investee companies, must respect gender and other diversity policies
  • We, and our investee companies, must retain and implement policies against bribery and improper payments
  • We, and our investee companies, must oppose unlawful armed conflict in jurisdictions where our investee companies are active


We consider the impact of ESG throughout the investment term
  • We consider all ESG aspects when evaluating opportunities, during the investment decision and ownership period as a critical step in due diligence
  • We seek to invest in companies that have the goal of long-term sustainability
  • When considering investments in the energy sector, we seek to invest in companies, which have high levels of preparedness for energy transition and which aim to minimise their impact on climate.


We communicate our ESG principles to our stakeholders
  • We work to ensure our stakeholders are aware of our approach to ESG with updates on ESG matters